Things to do and Places to Visit in and around Killarney:

Killarney is situated in the heart of the south-west of Ireland. The breathtaking beauty of the landscape, the majestic mountains and mystical lakes combine to make Killarney the ultimate experience when visiting this corner of Ireland.

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Killarney is a town whose origins date back to the early sixth century and the establishment of the first Christian Church. From the sixteenth century on, the town has steadily grown and since early Victorian times has been recognised as a superb tourist destination. Killarney of today has not only inherited these traditions but has enhanced its reputation by improving the standards and facilities available to its visitors.


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You are never without something to interest you in Killarney. This area is big on attractions! Commencing with a variety of town-side walks, there is also fell-walking, hill-climbing, jaunting car tours, lake tours inopen row-boats or covered motor cruisers and cycling or motor tours to three coastal peninsulas. These latter include the famous Ring of Kerry and Dingle Peninsula. A wonderfully satisflying day can be spent in Muckross visiting the House, Traditional Farms and Gardens. Killarney also has magical lakeside golf courses, lake and river fishing, pitch and putt courses, pony trekking and is a great place for shopping. At night there is a bewildering selection of entertainment including cabarets, musicals,traditional music in pubs and nightclubs.

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Let us help you to have the most wonderful Killarney experience. We are delighted to help arrange local activities and direct you to some of our magnificent scenic spots.

Join a tour, ramble independently, whichever way you would like to holiday, we can help guide you along the way.